Big Data Analytics

The applications for Big Data Analytics seemingly are endless, and the capability to rapidly process massive chunks of data and make sense of the results will continue to be paramount. MU College of Engineering researchers are at the forefront of Big Data-related research, using cloud computing resources to produce results in a wide array of areas, including healthcare, disaster safety and relief, life sciences, pattern recognition, deep learning and more.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is crucial in this era of advanced technology, and the College of Engineering is leading the way in improving security capabilities. Recent projects from MU researchers include an algorithm created to verify the security of electronic components, automated analysis of security hyperproperties and the founding of a center for high-assurance computing, among others.

Internet of Things

Finding new and novel ways to create and utilize smart devices is second nature to a group of MU Engineering researchers. An MU research team recently found a way to make data transmission using various devices easier in disaster scenarios. Another MU computer scientist is utilizing deep learning techniques to make one of the most accurate voice recognition software technologies on the planet. Still another is working on sensors that have the potential to one day utilize mobile devices and wearable technology to aid the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. And that’s far from all the cutting-edge research being done by the College of Engineering – there’s room for plenty more.


The College of Engineering is a global leader in the informatics realm. MU recently received a $12 million federal contract to deliver a comprehensive data science program to members of the U.S. Intelligence Community thanks to the strength of the College of Engineering’s Center for Geospatial Intelligence and its Data Science and Analytics program. The College’s partnership with the MU Informatics Institute is a boon to its strong informatics research. MUII, an interdisciplinary research program with faculty members from eight different colleges and schools, offers doctoral degree programs in bioinformatics, health informatics and geoinformatics.

Computer Vision

Deep learning, image recognition, image analysis, object detection – the College of Engineering is shaping the future of how these and other computer-vision technologies will be used. MU researchers have won multiple awards and earned high-profile grants for object-detection technology as well as novel methods of using computer vision to detect and classify cancer, aiding first responders in disaster situations and more.

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