About the Pillars of Pursuit

The University of Missouri College of Engineering has three key values — Integrity; Collaboration; and Excellence in Education, Research and Translation — that drive the College’s activities and serve as a lens to help develop the College’s strategic priorities.

These priorities evolved into four core Pillars of Pursuit for the College of Engineering: Educating Engineering Leaders, Big Data Analytics, Biomedical Innovations and Sustainability inFEWSed (Food, Energy, Water, Smart Cities). Priorities in the College’s investments, hiring and resource allocations during the next five years will align closely with these four Pillars of Pursuit.

Alumni from the MU College of Engineering have included inventors, innovators, CEOs and politicians, including more than 300 individuals who currently are serving as president or CEO of a company in industry. These individuals came from an institution that allowed them to participate in ongoing research and develop the presentation and communication skills necessary to become leaders in their fields. Today, MU Engineering continues the goal of Educating Engineering Leaders by offering research opportunities in faculty labs, leadership opportunities in more than 50 College-supported student organizations and collaborative opportunities through the College’s many partnerships on campus and through funding agencies.

The applications for Big Data Analytics seemingly are endless, and the capability to rapidly process massive chunks of data and make sense of the results will continue to be paramount. MU College of Engineering researchers are at the forefront of Big Data-related research, using cloud computing resources to produce results in a wide array of areas, including healthcare, disaster safety and relief, life sciences, pattern recognition, deep learning and more.

The University of Missouri is one of a select few institutions to boast schools and colleges of engineering, medicine and veterinary medicine all located on the same campus, and MU also is home to the most powerful nuclear research reactor on a U.S. college campus. That proximity gives the College of Engineering unique opportunities to collaborate on cutting-edge Biomedical Innovations with researchers just a short walk away. These capabilities have led to key research breakthroughs in chemotherapeutics, diagnostic tools, cancer treatments, eldercare and several other areas.

MU Engineering’s Sustainability inFEWSed mission focuses primarily on how the College can become a global leader in the areas of Food, Energy, Water and Smart Cities innovation. Its inFEWSed approach includes research and development in those areas that aim to create a greener, smarter and more renewable world for future generations. Research supported in this area includes food waste and cost efficiency, energy harvesting, reusability and conservation, investment in renewable energy, water quality and wastewater treatment and technological advances in city infrastructure.