Research helping research

Sean Goggins’ goal is to help social scientists — such as sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists and more — understand computing well enough to draw valid research conclusions. Read more…

An RNAmazing research breakthrough

Understanding ribonucleic acid (RNA) and its chemical properties and biological mechanisms is a key area of focus in health research. RNA is critical in the processing and movement of genetic information and gene expression. The way RNA folds into various tertiary structures determines its biological function, and being able to dissect and alter that process … Continued

Joint effort leads to joint patent

University of Missouri researchers recently received a patent on a method of joint repair that will be beneficial to the health of patients’ joints. Ferris Pfeiffer, assistant professor of bioengineering and orthopaedic surgery; Aaron M. Stoker, associate research professor of orthopaedic surgery; and James L. Cook, professor of orthopaedic surgery, received the patent for their … Continued

Teaching with tech

Prasad Calyam won the Graduate & Professional Teaching Award, and Heather Hunt took home top honors in the Undergraduate Teaching category in this year’s Excellence in Teaching with Technology Awards. Read more…

TigerHacks takes on new name, new aim

This year’s TigerHacks event was the old Hack Mizzou, but with a new name and a new aim. The 36-hour event still split participants into groups to develop novel software ideas over the course of a weekend, but this year’s event brought a new partnership with the Reynolds Journalism Institute Student Competition, which meant the … Continued

MU, Nanova collaborative effort closing in on heart health breakthrough

Since its inception, Nanova, Inc. has been renowned for its work in the dental industry. Now, they’re on the verge of a huge breakthrough in another area — cardiovascular health. Nanova — founded by four researchers, including Hao Li and Qingsong Yu from the MU College of Engineering — recently received additional funding from the … Continued

Coulter Program announces another round of funding for biomedical innovations

The University of Missouri’s Coulter Translational Partnership Program awarded five grants totaling $409,000 to help promising medical discoveries make the transition from laboratory research to commercial investment and direct patient care. Engineering faculty Gary Yao, Filiz Bunyak and Yunxin Zhao were among those who had their proposals funded. The MU Coulter Program began in 2012 as … Continued

Presenting: Positive PCL possibilities

Allison Gordon initially thought she’d be one of several posters at a large group presentation. As it turns out, she was selected for something more prestigious at her industry’s biggest annual conference. Gordon, a senior in Bioengineering, recently gave an oral presentation at the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting in Phoenix. Her presentation was … Continued

Engineering brighter smiles

Nanova, Inc. has done cutting-edge work in the area of dentistry. Now, the company has developed a method to whiten teeth rapidly, affordably and with minimal pain. Novashine is the latest dental product of Nanova, a company founded by four researchers, including Hao Li and Qingsong Yu from the MU College of Engineering. The system … Continued