Mac Lab drawing rave reviews

Walk down the main hallway in the center of Lafferre Hall, and the sheer newness of the recently renovated area stands out. Modern equipment, big display screens, large and inviting windows and more contribute to that sleek look.

One of the key improvements in the main MU College of Engineering building is a brand new, state-of-the art computer lab, known colloquially as the Mac Lab. This 80-seat, divisible lab space, along with its smaller sister lab on the second level, is key to providing critical resources to educate the next generation of leaders in information technology and computer science.

The main lab has 80 individual workstations with top-of-the-line iMacs. The workstations are divided into small rectangular groups, called pods, with a large 4K display monitor at each pod. Each workstation at the pod can share its screen with the monitor, and the course instructor has the capability to share to each of the display monitors in the room. This room can be divided into two, and typically is divided to support two classes at the same time. When split, the lab becomes one lab of 48 workstations and another lab of 32.

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