Presenting: Positive PCL possibilities

Allison Gordon initially thought she’d be one of several posters at a large group presentation. As it turns out, she was selected for something more prestigious at her industry’s biggest annual conference. Gordon, a senior in Bioengineering, recently gave an oral presentation at the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Annual Meeting in Phoenix. Her presentation was … Continued

Building a FIRST-class organization

Taylor Latham’s interest in engineering led to her participation in FIRST Robotics while in high school in Olathe, Kan. That interest grew, leading her to come to Mizzou and major in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. And her affinity for the FIRST program drove her to give back to current and future participants, which is why … Continued

Something for everyone at MU Fall 2017 Career Fair

Mizzou Engineering students all came to the Fall 2017 Career Fair looking to leverage the experience to their benefit. But not everyone was looking for the same exact result. Some came looking for a home to start their career. Others for just the right internship to boost both their education and future job prospects. And … Continued

MU doctoral student earns top nuclear poster award

MU Nuclear Engineering graduate student Andrea Saltos earned first-place honors in the student poster competition at the recent Institute of Nuclear Materials Management Annual Meeting in Indian Wells, Calif. Saltos’ paper, poster and presentation focused on her work calculating the phonon dispersion relations of uranium-molybdenum alloys, which has been her focus during the past year … Continued

Abraham’s journey leads her to NSBE leadership

Civil engineering senior Walta Abraham’s engineering path led her to the presidency of the Mizzou chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. Abraham has built quite the resume of accomplishments. She’s the current president of the Mizzou NSBE chapter, has served as an Engineering Ambassador, has been selected to secret society Mystical 7, earned her … Continued

Mizzou Engineering summer program gives KAU students real-world experience

An international program offering hands-on, interdisciplinary projects that prepare students for real-world issues facing engineers in their home country is sure to attract high-quality attendees. And when it offers exposure to new cultures and novel educational methods, it attracts the best and brightest. In its fourth year, the University of Missouri’s King Abdulaziz University Internship … Continued

Mizzou Baja Racing cracks competition ceiling

Tremendous dedication, an influx of new members and a bit of good fortune helped the Mizzou Baja Racing team compete in its first-ever competition in late May in Pittsburg, Kan. A total of 100 teams took part in the event, and the cars were judged based on acceleration, ability to pull a weighted sled, maneuverability … Continued

Mizzou Timber Bridge Team reaches top

Last year, the Mizzou Timber Bridge Team didn’t have enough members to make constructing a bridge for competition worthwhile. What a difference a year makes. Not only did this group of MU engineering students have enough manpower to build a competition bridge, but the bridge earned the Mizzou squad a national championship in the National … Continued

MU Engineering, Honeywell team up on national security, experiential learning

On June 6, representatives from the University of Missouri and Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies signed an industry agreement that will utilize the strengths of both entities for their mutual benefit, an agreement which will also serve to greatly benefit the College of Engineering. This master collaboration agreement will provide College of Engineering students with … Continued